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Det blev oavgjort, så ovan ser ni fiffilurens bidrag och om ni klickar här så kan ni läsa Angel88's bidrag. Grattis till er båda!

In the cold night and crimson desire

By Evelina Törngren


I could feel something freezing pressing against my neck, and yet it felt like it was burning, burning with a flame of ice. My head was spinning, my eyes could not focus on anything. As the night drew colder, the shadows grew darker and darker. Why did I have to go out this night, this freezing night, with its moon shining full and beautiful. I could not remember the reason any longer, wasn't I on my way to a party at Saras place?. Why do I feel so heavy, why do I feel so cold and yet so warm? Oh, it started snowing, I wish I could see the beautiful little snowflakes, but I can only feel them melt on my face and body.


"Saya, my beautiful little Saya". I could hear the soft voice whisper in my ear. The voice of that something who felt so heavy and cold on top of me. The burning, yet so freezing pain in my neck started again. I tried to scream, but my lips would not move.


"Shh, Saya, It's okay, you don't have to be afraid". "The pain will go a way soon, just bear with it for a little longer". The voice was still a soft whisper, but I could hear it more clearly now. As my vision grew clearer, my head stopped spinning. I could see the silhouette of Akiras face, the most beautiful and the most terrifying person that ever lived in this world. I could smell the cold night from his black long hair that fell onto my face. Suddenly he kissed my lips, he forced his tongue inside my mouth. There was a slight taste of something salt, sweet and metallic, was it blood?. The thought took me by surprise, and then by fear.


" Akira why did it tasted like blood?, is it mine?", I whispered with a thin voice.

" Yes, but it's not yours my dear, it's mine".

"And soon you'll join me and the night", he said with a strong voice, but still yet as a soft whisper. As I drew my last breath, I could feel my heart stop beating, my body falling asleep only to wake up into a new life in the eternal night filled with crimson desire.

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